Vokkaliga Matrimony  WhatsApp Group Link

Vokkaliga Matrimony  WhatsApp Group Link

Vokkaligas commonly carry titles such as Gowda, Hegde and Gounder. The Vokkaligas formed the landed-gentry and warrior class of Karnataka. Weddings are often simple events, focusing mainly on traditional rituals and pomp and pageantry.

A cloth screen is placed to prevent the bride and groom from seeing each other. The priest chants the opening mantras of the wedding ceremony, and the curtain is gradually removed to allow the couple to lay eyes on each other for the first time. The bride and groom exchange garlands or flower garlands three times.

The couple then circumambulate the sacred fire seven times. With the bride seated to the left of the groom, the groom ties the Mangal sutra around the bride’s neck with the help of five sumangali’s or married women.

Rules for Vokkaliga Matrimony WhatsApp Group Link 

  • You are not allowed to personally message any of the group members
  • Do not change the group name or group image
  • No religious or discriminations posts
  • You are not allowed to advertise or do promotion in the group
  • don’t spam in the group with continuous messages


Vokkaliga Matrimony WhatsApp Group Link

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How To Join Vokkaliga Matrimony WhatsApp Group link

Using mobile did not install the WhatsApp, Please install the WhatsApp first. Download WhatsApp from the google play store on android or the app store on iPhone and create an account. First click the join invite link ,that goes to open another tab. Another tab screen shows that group name with a group icon. This page shows the Join chat button, click it. That link helps to join the WhatsApp group page.

 If the links given above are useful for interested Vokkaliga caste people. Vokkaliga Matrimony WhatsApp group links are there any related groups you know please comment below.


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