Join Madurai Thirunangai Whatsapp Group Link 2022

Join Madurai Thirunangai Whatsapp Group Link

Transgender persons, according to the Madurai thirunangai whatsapp group, are born male but later come to recognise that they are female and begin to live their lives as females. They go by a variety of names, including Ali and Aravani.

Many of them are active in the dance and sex industries despite the fact that they are unable to work. Transgender persons are presently attempting to get their legal rights with great vigour.

In India, they are now receiving education and work opportunities. The state of Tamil Nadu has designated March 1 as Transgender Day, according to the government. In this transgender WhatsApp group, we share more of the critical messages that we have accessible.

Rues for Madurai Thirunangai Whatsapp Group

  • Only transgender persons who are members of the Madurai Transgender WhatsApp group are permitted to join this group.
  • In this group of children, none of the minors has access to the internet.
  • In particular, you must be above the age of eighteen.
  • Neither members of the group nor anybody else should make fun of transgender persons. It is a heinous crime against humanity.

Join Madurai Thirunangai Whatsapp Group Link List

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How to Join Madurai Thirunangai Whatsapp Group Link?

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