Padmashali Matrimony Telegram Group Link

Padmashali Matrimony Telegram Group Link

The Padmashali are a Telugu-speaking Hindu artisan caste living mainly in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In a traditional Telugu wedding, the bride’s maternal uncle will bring her in a bamboo basket, veiling the bride and groom so that they do not see each other until after the wedding.

The bride wears a white cotton saree with a red border and the groom wears a white cotton dhoti with a red border. The veil between the bride and groom is removed. The groom ties the thali around the bride’s neck with three knots. The couple exchange garlands.

 The wedding attendees shower their blessings on the couple by sprinkling flowers and Akshadai. In this ritual the bride’s saree and the groom’s dhoti are tied in three knots at one end and they crawl into Agni. Thus They are They are having a wedding ceremony.

Rules for Padmashali Matrimony Telegram Group Link

  • You are not allowed to personally message any of the group members.
  • Don’t spam in the group with continuous messages.
  • Don’t share any type of adult content in the group.
  • Misuse of any individual contract is punishable by law(police).
  • You are not allowed to advertise or do promotion in the group.

Padmashali Matrimony Telegram Group Link


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How To Join Padmashali Matrimony Telegram Group

Padmashali Matrimony Telegram Group Links are given below. This group Information is useful for the Padmashali caste peoples. If you are ready to marry a person your details are uploaded in the Telegram group links. These links are found and collected through hard work, so take advantage of this opportunity. If the links given above are useful for the interested Padmashali caste peoples. Padmashali Matrimony Telegram group links are there any related groups links you know please comment below.


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