Kannada Matrimony Telegram Group Link

Kannada Matrimony Telegram Group Link

There  are 44 millions people speaking the Kannada language. Like other ethnic groups in India, the Kannada-speaking people form many distinct communities. North and South Karnataka are Lingayat and Okkalika respectively, while the Scheduled Castes form the largest integrated social group.

Karnataka state weddings mostly focus on simple events, major traditional rituals and extravagance. During an arranged marriage, the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom are matched and the bride and groom exchange rings at the engagement ceremony. The wedding date is usually decided by the priest during this event.

A cloth screen is placed to prevent the bride and groom from seeing each other. The priest chants the opening mantras of the wedding ceremony, and the curtain is gradually removed to allow the couple to lay eyes on each other for the first time. The bride and groom exchange garlands or flower garlands three times.

The couple then circumambulates the sacred fire seven times then, with the bride seated to the left of the groom, the groom ties the Mangal sutra around the bride’s neck with the help of five sumangalis or married women.

Rules for Kannada Matrimony Telegram Group Link 

  • You are not allowed to personally message any of the group members
  • No religious or discriminations posts
  • don’t spam in the group with continuous messages
  • Misuse of any individual contract is punishable by law(police).
  • Do not post any adult contents(18+).


Kannada Matrimony Telegram Group Link

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How To Join Kannada Matrimony Telegram Group link

Kannada Matrimony Telegram Group Links are given above. This group Information is useful for all brides / grooms. If you are ready to marry a person your details are uploaded in the Telegram group links. These links are found and collected through hard work, so take advantage of this opportunity. If the links given above are useful for the interested brides / grooms. Kannada Matrimony Telegram group links are there any related groups links you know please comment below.


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