Lingayat Matrimony WhatsApp Group Link

Lingayat Matrimony WhatsApp Group Link

 Lingayat’s constitute about 16% of the total population of Karnataka state and are spread all over the state. They follow the ideologies of the 12th century social reformer Basa Vanna. Although Shiva worship was practiced by Basa Vanna, it was slightly different from the Hindu worship of Shiva. 

He fought that it should not be called Hinduism but should be called Lingayatism. Past electoral history suggests that most Lingayat’s have been BJP supporters. The Constitution has affirmed the freedom of worship. Therefore, the demand of the masses for a separate religion and the government’s acceptance is legally appointed. Siddaramaiah accepts the Lingayat’s as a separate religion.

Lingayat Matrimony Group Links Show All Lingayat Groom Details.  Join this group as you have many useful groom/bride details. This Lingayat WhatsApp group details are also helpful for our neighbors, son/daughter and relatives. 

Rules for Lingayat Matrimony WhatsApp Group link

  • Only Lingayat caste marriage related details are allowed.
  • Do not misuse the details and do not share any other websites/groups.
  • Do not allow any religious  and violent posts.
  • Do not post unwanted messages and images in this group.
  • Don’t miss out on using any person’s contracted numbers and don’t send private messages.
  • Misuse of any individual’s details is punishable by law (police).

Lingayat Matrimony WhatsApp Group Link

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How to join Lingayat Matrimony WhatsApp Group Link

More  Lingayat Matrimony WhatsApp Group Links are listed above. Click the link that shows WhatsApp group name and icons. Join the invite link admin provides multiple bride and groom details and easily select the suitable bride or groom for you. Lingayat WhatsApp group links are there any related group links you know please comment below.

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